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We represent and protect public safety across            New Mexico at the Municipal, County and State level.

Benefit Option 2- 
PLEA TeamLegal Plan:  
     Criminal and Civil protection 

-LEOSA HR-218 Off-duty               concealed carry coverage
-$5000 AD&D coverage (24/7 
         on or off duty)

 See plan summary for details and             limitations for Option 1 or 2.

Benefit Option 1- 

PLEA Legal Defense Plan: 
Civil, Criminal and Administrative 
(including limited non-duty related Administrative coverage)

-LEOSA  HR-218 Off-duty                 concealed carry coverage
-After hours 24/7/365 answering service for critical incidents
-Wage recovery benefit in the case of an unpaid suspension
-$5000 Accidental (non-natural) death or dismemberment coverage (24/7 - on or off duty)


The NMCPSO legal benefit is offered exclusively to our members in New Mexico. 

The NMCPSO legal plan is provided and administered by the Professional Law Enforcement Association (PLEA).   

The NMCPSO membership provides you with your choice of unparalleled Legal Plans         (Option 1 or Option 2),    which, depending upon the selection may include one,      or all of the following coverage: 
Criminal, Civil      and Administrative duty    and/or non-duty related


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